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Suhr ADRENALINE Pole Vaulting Pole

Designed by Jenn Suhr Olympic Champion and World Record Holder
Built by Altius Poles

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Engineered for maximum velocity, return, consistancy, success

The Suhr Adrenaline Pole Vaulting hybrid carbon pole is the result of more than a year of design, collaboration, and testing. It's lighter, thinner, and more forgiving. The Suhr Adrenaline Pole's better lift and better feel help the vaulter get deeper penetration in the pit contributing to a better jump.

Jenn Suhr Adrenaling Pole Vaulting Pole by Altius Poles


  • 2005 US Indoor Champion
  • 2006 US Outdoor Champion
  • 2007 US Indoor Champion
  • 2007 US Outdoor Champion
  • 2008 US Indoor Champion
  • 2008 US Olympic Trials Champion
  • 20008 Olympic Silver Medalist
  • 2009 US Indoor Champion
  • 2009 US Outdoor Champion
  • 2010 US Indoor Champion
  • 2011 US US Indoor Champion
  • 2012 US Indoor Champion
  • 2012 US Olympic Trials Champion
  • 2012 Olympic Champion
  • 2013 US Indoor Champion
  • 2013 US Indoor Champion
  • 2013 World Silver Medalist


  • 5.02M/16'5.5" World Indoor Record
  • 4.92M/16'1.75" American Outdoor Record
  • 4.90M/16'.0.75" American Outdoor Record
  • 4.90M/16'.0.75" American Indoor Record
  • 4.88M/16'.0" American Outdoor Record
  • 4.88M/16'.0" American Indoor Record
  • 4.86M/15'.11.25" American Indoor Record
  • 4.84M/15'.10.5" American Outdoor Record
  • 4.8M/15'.10" American Indoor Record
  • 4.82M/15'9.75" American Indoor Record